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The Global Free Press 

The Global Free Press is for everyone - no matter where they are from - no matter what colour they may be - no matter what age or gender - no matter which political group they belong to - no matter which deity they worship or the one they don't.  It is an advertisement-free, independent international online editorial magazine.   

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Cartoon Africa International Biennial 

With the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector (SHS); theAfrican Press Cartoon Syndication Company (APCSC) has collaboratively initiated the 1st Cartoon Africa International Biennial Festival/Contest”.       

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Art Voices International  Service

The Art Voices project is a three-pronged media initiative - online, print and television - aimed at reinventing Arts journalism in Africa in a global context, with plans to promote visual arts business, arts literature, et al, by giving press voices and public visibility to emerging and professional practitioners locally and internationally.


The Buddhist Monk - Rattan Mann Films

HCC is proud to present The Buddhist Monk, a major motion picture!

Inspired by true events, The Buddhist Monk tells the story of a simple man forced into stealing religious scrolls from the Dalai Lama’s Potala Palace in Tibet in pre-independence India!

Produced by Rattan Mann Films from Norway and India, this beautifully directed film, shot with an old world feel and accompanied by a grand musical score was filmed on location in Northern India along the border with Tibet.

Check out the official website of The Buddhist Monk along with our Facebook and Twitter pages and look for the Trailers, behind the scenes shots plus much more!


The Global Free Press


Our main project, the Global Free Press (formally the National Free Press - World Edition 'nationalfreepress.org'), is an advertisement-free, independent international online editorial magazine, providing a variety of editorial material from people around the world; as well as daily Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, and WorldPress news releases.

It is a Global Public Media System.

The GFP is open for everyone to participate with, from amateurs to seasoned pros, from the young to the elderly, whatever their lifestyle, religious or ethnic background is; from Argentina to Zimbabwe, we open the door to those with something constructive to say, to those who would like to express themselves in an online publication for the first or hundredth time. To those who want to be heard.

Join in as a regular GFP Columnist, an Editorial Cartoonist or Contribute an editorial once in a while and share your articles with more people!

The GFP - Your Words. Your Website.



A PC Studios featured ink slinger, Michael Pohrer has spilling ink on drawing boards since 1979 and delivering funnies to the masses through the printed pages since 1988. He also contributes to the Global Free Press as an Editorial Cartoonist.

The cartoons produced through PC Studios have been featured in “Best Editorial Compilations”, Comic books (U.K., Britain), and Anthologies as well as newspapers, magazines, and exhibitions through Museums and Galleries across the United States, reaching from California to Germany, and beyond.

MJ supports several organizations with time and or donations, which also includes original autographed artwork that is auctioned off at various times throughout the year to help bring awareness to each respected individual cause.


The Global Free Press

The Buddhist Monk Movie

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