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Our main project, the Global Free Press (formally the National Free Press - World Edition 'nationalfreepress.org'), is an advertisement-free, independent international online editorial magazine, providing a variety of editorial material from people around the world; as well as daily Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, and WorldPress news releases.

It is a Global Public Media System.

The GFP is open for everyone to participate with, from amateurs to seasoned pros, from the young to the elderly, whatever their lifestyle, religious or ethnic background is; from Argentina to Zimbabwe, we open the door to those with something constructive to say, to those who would like to express themselves in an online publication for the first or hundredth time. To those who want to be heard.

Join in as a regular GFP Columnist, an Editorial Cartoonist or Contribute an editorial once in a while and share your articles with more people!

The GFP - Your Words. Your Website.


The National Free Press – The Series


Canada - www.nationalfreepress.ca 
United States www.nationalfreepress.us
United Kingdom www.nationalfreepress.co.uk

With the public's help we hope to create websites for individual countries focussing on their trials and tribulations!

And we'll start with Canada!

When we started back in 2006, the first domain name was nationalfreepress.ca, in 2008 when people from around the world expressed their interest in submitting their material; we changed it to the nationalfreepress.org, eliminating the .ca or Canadian reference to present a more global front.

In 2011 we changed the name one final time to the globalfreepress.org.

In the future, we’ll re-launch the National Free Press – Canadian Edition (nationalfreepress.ca) as the first in our series of free press websites!

More countries are in the line up waiting for us to put them together!

Stay tuned!


The Global Free Press

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