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Creating professional artwork since 1989 when clipart really meant clipart, HillCom’s design experience is versatile and endless with an uncanny ability to create exactly what you are looking for in an ad, a brochure, a flyer or an event program.

Every business needs professional design work to create, build and develop their image and brand in an increasingly competitive and growing marketplace. We bring a real approach to your print design requirements and will create material that will bring approval from you and results from your customers.

Websites can also need a variety of graphic designs and we’ll take care of all your requirements to make your site connect to your brand!

We’re able to provide services for the following…

- Business Material: Logos, advertisements, business cards, brochures, pamphlets, complete package arrangements.

- Event Material: Event Journals, posters, media kits/packages, etc.

- Direct-Mail Material: Flyers, postcards, coupons, catalogues.

- Publishing and Editing Services: Typesetting, editing, copy-writing, publishing assistance.

- Print Media Publications: Booklets, reports, newsletters, novel layout, book covers, newspapers, magazines.

- Digital Photography is available for stock, business or product shots.

Most Printers use electronic PDF files for printing and proofs, we’ll send the work to any Printing Company of your choice for your own cost control purpose, or we’ll find the best current price and make the arrangements for you.

Great creative – at half the cost of others! 

We've produced advertisements and more for a variety of different entities such as...

CTV - Sears - CJOH - Domino's Pizza - The New RO Cable 6 - CKWS - Rogers - Dave Broadfoot - Jeff Healey - Royal LePage - The Mortgage Professionals - The Nutrition Company - Grand & Toy - The Grand Theatre - KEYS - COGECO 13 - Minos Restaurant - The Merchant MacLiam - Alpha Telecom - Alzheimer Society - Ottawa 67's - FreeStyle Photography - Ottawa Senators - City of Ottawa - City of Nepean - Labbatt's Brewery - The Co-operators - Y105 - Canadian Hockey Association - The Council on Aging - Gloucester Chamber of Commerce - Kingston Computer Planet - Figure 8 Skating Boutique - Holiday Inn - KISS Music - Magic 97 - Nate's / The Place Next Door - Allen's Apple Juice - Best Western - Mice Capades - Homestead Land Holdings - United Furniture Warehouse, Goodlife Fitness, and many, many more! 


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