Promotion Consulting


Consulting… the word alone conjures up visions of paying a lot of money for what seems to add up to thin air.

Marketing, Advertising, Events, and Image Consulting, accompanied by our other services will make your business project or event promotion work!

For some smaller independent business people, Consulting is something the bigger companies and corporations do, and small businesses don’t.  Instead, they’ll ask their parents, their partner, or the neighbour’s kid for advice on their next advertisement flyer.  Sometimes this works out okay, but great advice can be a big help, especially when it’s economically delivered!

Smaller companies and non-profit organizations need fresh ideas and third-party input to get a different perspective of their vision and to stay competitive.  We specialize in assisting independent business owners and fundraising directors find that vision, or build on the one they already have running.

Over twenty years experience in the media production and publishing industry goes into your business or organization with the purpose to find an answer to your website development, marketing, promotion, advertising, and event planning requirements without charging a bizarre amount of money.

Your business is a product and it needs to be marketed properly to gain new customers and to retain the current ones.  Our job is to help brand your image with everything from a logo, to a business card, to a website, to the signs and sales posters, to the colours in your store, and to the t-shirts your staff wears!

Creative advertising and promotion is the key to getting the people to visit your store, buy your product or service and increase your bottom-line.  And this is something that we do best! We’ll help with realistic suggestions that meet your ideas head-on!

As much fun as it is to plan and launch an event, they can also bring along a host of complicated problems and hurdles to jump over.  We work at removing some of those hurdles and help to make your event - one to remember.

Every Project we take on is given the same level of thought and care as we did with the Global Free Press, the Dave Broadfoot Comedy Festival, or the City of Eziawa in Nigeria website and the other Projects we’ve worked on.

HillCom Projects include all our expertise but if you’re in need of some straightforward advice about your promotional ideas then we’re the ones to have an easy, comfortable conversation with!

For about the price of taking a friend to your favourite restaurant for lunch, we’ll spend some time listening to your needs and then come up with suggestions to solve them, all of which is written up in an easy to understand report.

Before you spend a lot of money on a website or an advertising campaign, spend a little with HillCom and we’ll save you a lot, and you’ll walk away with a pocket full of great ideas!

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