Website Designing


Once your Plan is picked and your Account is set up, we’re ready to work on your website!

The key factors in website design is a clean, clear and easy to navigate system so that visitors can move around your website without going around in circles or finding it hard to find important areas such as the “About Us” or the “Contact Us” pages.

From a one page HTML informative website to a multi-page CMS system* with an e-Commerce program, or your own Social Community and Chat System, we can put your ideas into a customised designed template to make your WebPages entertain and inform your visitors!  Or we can start from scratch and build one to suit your requirements.

Our websites include a selection of standard Components, Modules and Plug-ins, a twice  Yearly Content Update, all CMS system Updates, additional Component, Module and Plug-in Updates, as well as several Back-Up and Restore Programs to recover your website should anything ever go wrong.

And we'll set-up your website’s sitemap and more within HillCom’s Google’s Webmaster’s Account to bring people to your WebPages faster and easier.

Maintenance Programs are available for business’ who have weekly, monthly or on-the-fly content updates – please see the Hosting Plans for more.

Website Enhancements: Components, Modules and Plug-ins

We take your website a step farther with optional additional Components, Modules and Plug-ins that will enhance your visitor’s internet experience and provide them with additional entertaining information.

Some Components, Modules and Plug-ins are available at no-charge and/or have a low administration, installation or set-up fee. Other specific Components, Modules and Plug-ins are Commercial entities and can be purchased through the Developer’s website.

We can be of assistance should a client wish a particular Component installed; a low administration, installation and/or set-up fee may be applicable.

Some of the common Components, Modules and Plug-ins are for example, a standalone or integrated Blog system, a Social Community, a Comments Component, an Image Slider/Fader, a ‘What’s New’ or ‘Random Image’ module or a Chat System program, and there are many more!

Website Systems

An HTML site is great for a static type of website where very little or no maintenance is required.  (HTML websites are considered “old school” and anything over 3 pages a CMS system is recommended.)

WordPress** systems are great for novices and do-it-yourselvers who aren’t Certified Developers.  Easy to learn and maintain, WordPress is our choice for its Clients Blogs.

HillCom recommends and uses Joomla**, a Content Management System (CMS).  These systems are a part of the new Web 2.0 technology now being implemented in most websites.

**Joomla and WordPress are open source programs available on the internet. It is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License.  Hill Communications has not received any compensation, nor endorses either company.  Hill Communications is not responsible for any malfunction of any HILLCOM hosted website using either Joomla or WordPress or any other program (this applies to Developer Package).  Please see Hosting Terms for further information.

Have a look at the websites we’ve put together and you’ll see a variety of styles and Plan levels that are attractive, branded, easy to navigate sites showcasing many of our website enhancements. 

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