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The Art Voices project is a three-pronged media initiative - online, print and television - aimed at reinventing Arts journalism in Africa in a global context.
The three-in-one project is a collaborative media business agenda with the clear cut objectives to, among others:
- Broaden the frontiers of arts reporting in Nigeria and the rest of Africa;
- Promote African arts and arts journalism in a global context;
- Promote visual arts business, arts literature, cultural and creative tourism et al, by giving audacious press voices and public visibility to emerging and professional practitioners locally and internationally;
- Support researches and innovations in art practice and teaching via media promotions and publications;
- Set agenda for progressive policy making and government support of the arts as catalysts/drivers of scientific and technological innovations, national productivity and sustainable development;
- Strategically generate funds for the sustenance of the AVI media and its allied projects.



The Global Free Press and HillCom are proud to announce that they will be participating with the Cartoon Africa International Biennial 
as a Festival Sponsor!

The Festival is directed by GFP Cartoonist Francis Odupute, a Nigerian Cartoonist and Artist, and a Festival co-founder; who along with the African Press Cartoon Syndication Company (APCSC) a visual artists-run art and media organization in Abuja, Nigeria; and with the mutual cooperation and collaboration of the Beautiful Feet International Art Centre (BFIAC) in Benin City, Nigeria; and in association with the FIC Development Advocacy Through Art (FICDATA) and Francodus International Communications (FIC); have formally established the 1st International Africa Cartoon Biennial Festival and Contest; proposed to kick-off in 2012, with touring exhibitions and workshops in selected cities and towns across partnering African countries.


HillCom will be the Festival’s Official Communications Sponsor. We'll undertake the development and maintenance of the Festival Website, which will include a Social Community, Blogs, a Forum and much more! We'll also design the print media, arrange merchandise, and provide promotion and event consulting assistance.

To be a Sponsor or for more information please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Stay tuned to the GFP News & Updates section for more info as it happens. Get the RSS feed and stay up to date automatically!



HillCom is committed to assisting those in other countries reach their website and internet goals.

Currently under development and construction, the City of Eziawa Project will put the small city in Nigeria online, enabling them to present themselves to the world using the technology that we take for granted everyday.

From offering a look into the workings of the Official Palace, to Eziawa News and Events; to the many official Departments covering everything form Agriculture to Youth Empowerment, including a History of Eziawa; this website will help to bring Eziawa to the rest of the world!

We look forward to continue to work with the Eziawa officials to insure that this website progresses despite whatever turmoil others try to inflict upon the people of Nigeria.


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